IM Body...

Total Wellness is more than a healthy body...but it's a good start!

The body is a vehicle in which we connect and experience the world.

Most of the overall health and function of your physical form is based on how you eat, move and your beliefs about how you see yourself in relation to the world.

Our bodies are made up of a collection of cells that operate as a whole system.

Within this larger system there are many small systems working in an organized manner that makes up the body.

Something for Every-Body

Within the pages of this body section, you can visit many subjects related to our bodies; from fitness training, workouts, nourishment to recipes.

You can explore not only the physical form of the body but also the ideas of subtle energies like energy medicine, breath work and chakras, that when used properly can help create and restore balance to the body.

Looking At The Whole Picture

It is important to look at the whole person and how the systems are functioning rather than treating only the symptoms.

This only acts as a temporary mask and can have damaging long term affects.

We know that muscle atrophy begins to settle in when we stop moving the body and far too many of us live a sedentary lifestyle, partially imposed on us by the daily demands in today’s world.

Fitness is a way to counter balance that sedentary lifestyle and reinvigorate the life force within the cells of our muscles and begin to enjoy more health.

When we are healthy and involved in total wellness, we have more strength, energy, and vitality to spend more time doing what we love and being with loved ones.

We get to participate more deeply in our lives physically.

A healthy body is a powerful vehicle to experience all the joys of life.