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Personal Training ~ 1 on 1

Whether you are completely new to fitness and healthy living or you are looking to take your wellness to the next level, I will customize a personal training program for you where the focus is on balancing the whole person.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area we will meet at your home, park, beach or even a gym. We train outside the box, and I’m not necessarily speaking of walls here, but rather our breaking through our limiting and preconceived ideas of fitness. Perfect form is the foundation we build on, allowing the body to find it's natural harmony in reconditioning the general movements of everyday motion. From there we build on the foundational structure to literally reshape and strengthen the body. What good is building lean muscle, balance, and coordination if we cannot use it in our everyday affairs?

If you live outside of the Tampa Bay area…personal is still possible. We will have a consultation via phone, FaceTime or skype to set your goals and from there I will customize your program that you will receive via email video delivered to your inbox weekly.

The benefits of having a coach…

  •  Accountability                                        
  • Feedback
  • Customization                                    
  • Motivation                       
  • Inspiration
  • Achievement

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Hour Training Options

12 Sessions

$75 per Session


24 Sessions

$70 per Session


36 Sessions

$65 per Session


Individual Sessions ~ $80

                                                                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

1/2 Hour Training Options

12 Sessions

$50 per Session


24 Sessions

$45 per Session


36 Sessions

$40 per Session


Individual Sessions: $55

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See how Personalized Coaching makes a difference in reaching your personal goals

Contact Todd @

(727) 687-1851 or

                                                   I look forward to joining you on your journey.                         

Are you ready to create your masterpiece? ~ IM

Looking for Motivation & Encouragement?

FIIT Parties

Wanting to workout but need a bit of motivation? Gather a few friends and Commit!

FIIT Parties are an hour packed with fun and inspirational way to meet your goals. Grab a few friends and head to the beach, park or someone’s home and we will meet you there with a customized full body circuit for you. These groups are filled with fast paced action and lots of laughs.

Get the evites going and give us a call to schedule your semi-private personal training sessions

3-6 Friends ~ $25/person

Enjoy a Challenge?

P90X Classes and Coaching

Many of you have seen Tony Horton, the face of P90X on television. P90X is an at home extreme 90 day fitness program for rapid results. Being 1 of only 2 Certified P90X Trainers in Pinellas County, I am excited to be able to take this program out to the beach, park or to your office and into a group setting...encouraging you to "bring it!"

Using Plyometrix, Kenpo, Cardio, Yoga and Resistance Training, this system uses many modalities to break the exercise plateau.

This is an INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED class. You will sweat, you may even cry…but you will feel so good when you are done!



IM Total Wellness has created PRE90X as a precursor to P90X. These classes offer beginner to intermediate modification of the P90X moves and principles.

This class is a mix of all things P90X...Stretching, Strength Training, Plyometrix (jump training), Kenpo X (MMA), Yoga and Abs

You will learn the proper movements at a less intense pace. You will still sweat and work it!

Faster Results, Less Injury

Focus on Form Classes (Body Pump)

Learn the proper way to move your muscles for maximum results. This body and band resistance class has an emphasis on correct posture, peak muscle contraction, joint stability and proper neuromuscular conditioning.

You will learn the correct movements to achieve a complete range of motion, focusing on peak performance and energy efficiency. It is about bringing "muscle mindfulness" into your practice. This class is for everybody looking to maximize results and minimize the chance of injury.

This information can be used;  at the gym, at home, yoga or  pilates studio,  bootcamp, cross training, while traveling or outdoors.


Your Time Is Valuable

IM FIIT ~ Focused Intensity Interval Training

You will tone and burn during this 21 Day Challenge. This system is designed to burn fat and tone muscle. What will you gain? You will gain strength, balance and confidence while using the principles of Focus on Form and applying them to your experience.

You may either do this challenge on your own or join our online community from around the world to share tips, challenges and successes.

Check back soon ~ We are building this Challenge to be even better!