About Us...


It begins…as a 130lb teenager and my favorite meal was toast. I was so skinny that I would actually wear turtlenecks under my clothes to make me feel less self conscious about how I looked. Then I found a book about Body Building by Joe Weider and I got REAL motivated!

“What? You mean to tell me I could create my own look with hard work and discipline?! AND I can shed this turtleneck?” I was hooked and I really enjoyed it.

Fast forward 20+ years and many body shapes, styles and lessons later on how my thoughts create my reality and you have the beginning of IM Total Wellness.

I am most passionate about…Spiritual studies and personal development. I LOVE learning how we, as human beings, work. I am in awe of both the miracle and simplicity of our nature, but also how we can be so complicated. 

You will most often find me…Reading, writing or working out when by myself. When not alone, I am spending time with my wife and family. If the big kid has gotten his way that day we are at the beach!

My guilty pleasure is…In full transparency…gummy bears! Yep, as healthy and clean as I can be, I still feel like that little boy when I take a moment to have gummy bears. Only these days they are the more natural ingredient ones ;)

Take ideas

Plant them in Integrity

Water them with Inspiration

And Grow World Consciousness



It beginswith my passion for food! I spent too many years very sick and unable to fully participate in my own life due to health issues that stemmed partially from my eating habits and ‘old baggage’ I was carrying around. After years of trial and error, I am still learning how to best find vitality through my eating, strengthening my body and quieting my mind but it is so much better when you have knowledge.

There is a quote floating out there somewhere that has been eluding me, but it went something like this; ‘With every step, find balance.’ This rings so true for me. With every move and every choice we make, we must once again find our balancing point, no matter how subtle. 

I am most passionate about… loving, laughing and sharing! I love to gather and share. Whether it is information for business, personal growth or gathering my family in bed to share cuddles and laughs, I love sharing!

You will most often find me…hmmm, sadly in the kitchen. While it’s absolutely true that I have always had a slight obsession with food, I have never really enjoyed cooking. However with a house full of hungry boys, I don’t seem to get out of the kitchen often. But you will find me in there daydreaming about being under the sun and on the water…that is where I always want to be!

My guilty pleasure is…oh my, I have so many but truth be told, I don’t really feel guilty at all!  ;) As I often sing to my children, “the formulation is moderation.” ~ V