Welcome to IM Total Wellness

Welcome to IM Total Wellness online. We are both a local business, serving the Tampa Bay area, and an online resource offering you simple solutions to encourage and support optimal living. 

Are you looking for information and inspiration to help you live a healthy and more fulfilling life? In these pages unfolds a site of resources that promotes and nurtures vitality. It is our hope that you will find a place to visit and explore when you are seeking to deepen your connection to your life through balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

 And if you are looking for individual training, classes or guidance, look under services or contact us and we will be happy to help you in your journey! Our focus is on nurturing the whole person.

So What Is Total Wellness?

In the simplest terms, it's a lifestyle.

Total wellness is the result of our choices to create balance and harmony designed to help us achieve our highest potential for well being as a whole: body, mind, and spirit.

From our infinite universe down to a singular cell, our world works in systematic form. A system is defined as...

As a physical structure we have many systems that work in harmony to create the amazing human body.

Too often in today’s busy world these systems become unbalanced and unstable, creating dis-ease or disconnect.

Some of the most common symptoms we see are various physical illnesses, anxious bodies and minds, the feeling of being lost or unsure of where we belong or what our purpose is.

Rather than focusing on these symptoms, the goal is to introduce different ideas and practices that help create a healthy alliance of these systems working together.

How Do You Get There?

At IM Total Wellness we move from a philosophy that regularly exercising our bodies is a great bridge spanning into all other areas of our lives.

Much like the Yoga philosophies of asana, connecting our breath to focused body movement can be the back door into creating a peaceful mind, we also put special emphasis on mastering muscle movements.

We call this Focus on Form. It is a focus on fundamental movements so that your workout time is spent most effectively and efficiently with less risk of injury.

You can learn more about it here.

Which Is The Right Path For You?

Our personalities, purposes and passions are as varied as the paths we choose.

It is our goal to introduce and expand on different practices and resources that you may find helpful in your journey.

Through meaningful choices and actions we can find a balance that creates a harmony to the whole person.

This wholeness spills out into the world and helps create the world we wish to realize.

It inspires sustainable living.

Mind * Body * Spirit * Planet

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Under the BODY tab, you can explore different modalities of Fitness Training and Alternative Healing to keep your body strong and energies flowing.

Learn about correct muscle movement with a focus on form, giving you maximum results in less time and minimizing the risk of injury.

Apply these foundational skills to explore some ancient, tried and true exercise programs like Yoga, QiGong and 5BX. You will also find some of the latest science supported techniques used by not only IM, but many of the top professionals in the fitness industry today.

Finally you will find a healthy serving of our favorite nutrition packed recipes and the scoop on whether organics are really worth the extra dough!


So much of the mind is still a mystery.

Imagine having an amazing computer with infinite capacity and memory and not being able to use it because you do not know how to access the programs.

This can be our frustrating reality.

Learn about and apply the techniques of NLP, Hypnosis and Visualization to help you harness the power of your mind .

And although in the last several years there has been heightened attention brought to us about affirmations, subconscious beliefs, and the power of positive thinking, these ideas have been discussed and written about for centuries.

Try out some of these ideas for yourself and see if they have a positive impact on your life and well-being! 


Does the idea of meditation really intrigue you but your not sure you can sit still long enough to quiet your mind?

Do you ever ask your heart to lead you when making decisions or do you follow your gut?

Do you want to learn more about chakras and auras?

Or how about discovering the ancient language of Sanskrit and how chanting these beautiful words may bring peace and calmness to your day?

Look under the SPIRIT tab and find these and other ways to help you deepen your awareness.


Have you always dreamed of growing your own organic food?

Love the idea of composting but the thought of decaying food leave you in a stink?

You will find information on these and other earth friendly subjects like sustainable companies and products, offsetting carbon footprint and databases under PLANET to help guide you when making purchases.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So pick an area and get lost, and hopefully found, in some of these new ideas and ancient practices.

And remember that every day we awaken to a world of new possibilities and create new experiences.

Awaken and inspire your endless potential that lives within.

And choose Total Wellness!

“The paths are many, the Truth is one.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi